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Who we are

Mutech Training Institute is a TVETA and NITA accredited institute that offers high-quality competence-based programs in various disciplines. We focus on technical education and skills development for students after their secondary school exams. Mutech collaborates with local and international partners to create a development hub and offers practical on-the-job training, engineering and production services, and custom-designed products. We have two locations for training programs in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering at Kitui Campus and aeronautical engineering at Wilson Airport Nairobi.

About Us

Are you a high school graduate looking to kickstart your technical career?

Mutech Training Institute is a TVETA and NITA accredited institution specializing in technical skills training for high school graduates. We offer programs in mechanics, automotive repair, and aeronautics. Additionally, we partner with businesses to provide practical training and offer custom training services.

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To be a centre of excellence in skills training commensurate with industry and community demands.


To provide quality, sustainable vocational education and training that is demand-driven to meet the aspirations and expectations of our stakeholders.

Core Values

Accountability-Quality Service-Integrity-Ethics-Respect-Teamwork.

Academic programmes

Language Accelerator

Our language program advance our trainees from beginner to upper intermediate levels in German and French, making them to unlock opportunities for apprenticeship and employment in Germany.

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Entry Level & Advance courses

Tailor made programmes that are market driven.

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NITA Grade 3 Courses

Mutech Training Institute empowers learners with practical skills, nurturing their potential and enabling them to thrive in their chosen careers.

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Entry-level training courses

Entry-level training courses

We offer a variety of different technical entry-level courses at our Kitui Campus. Ab-initio aircraft maintenance training takes place at Wilson Airport Nairobi, Kenya. Our courses are designed to provide foundational skills to our students in their respective trades.

Advanced training programs

Advanced training programs

Our advanced training programs offer specialized skills for those looking to advance their careers. We offer 4 specialized training courses.

  • Advanced Automotive Technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Basic Aircraft Maintenance Course. EASA Part 66.
New Students

New Students

Our new intakes start in January, May and September. Female candidates are encourange to apply.

Our Facilities & Workshops

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News and Events

Mutech Training institute CEO visits Aerocampus in Bordeaux France

November 17, 2023

Mutech Training institute CEO visits Aerocampus in Bordeaux France

Mutech Training institute CEO visits Aerocampus in Bordeaux France for the Airbus Competency Trainer (ACT) and Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) training systems Demo. Mutech Training Institute envisions to train future aircraft maintenance technicians through a complete and fully integrated training programme built upon the latest aircraft technology and training standards developed through synergies between Airbus and Aerocampus Aquitaine.




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