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About Mutech Training Institute

Brief History of Mutech Training Institute.

Mutech Training Institute is a TVETA and NITA accredited training institute committed to competence, innovation, and excellence. Established in 2017, the institute offers high-quality competence-based programs across various disciplines, primarily catering to students seeking technical education after secondary school examinations. At Mutech Training Institute, we strive to provide a wide range of training and development interventions in collaboration with local and international training providers, fostering a hub for development in Kenya and the East and Central African region. Aligned with government strategies for poverty alleviation through skills, knowledge, and technology transfer, Mutech Training Institute emphasizes improved technical training through the Dual Training System (DTS) in Mechanical Engineering, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, and Aircraft Maintenance courses at Artisan, Craft Certificate, and Diploma levels. The institute operates an Engineering/Production workshop that offers students practical On-The-Job Training (OJT), equipping them with skills required for employment in today's market. We provide engineering and production services, including sheet metal bending, milling work, press work, lathe work, welding and fabrication (including Aluminum and Stainless Steel), and motor vehicle repairs. Additionally, we offer custom-designed products and services. Our training programs are available in two locations: Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering at our main campus in Kitui County, and Aeronautical Engineering at Wilson Airport in Nairobi County.

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Vincent Mutunge

Founder & CEO

Welcome note from the Founder/CEO desk.

At Mutech we aim to train the students, to acquire the ability to work effectively and efficiently, across professional boundaries, so that they can emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen professions. A skilled and adaptable workforce is the cornerstone of any prosperous economy. However, Kenya's current education system needs a strategic revamp to equip young minds from a young age with the knowledge and skills crucial for the country's economic development agenda. There are some very successful models around the globe, like Germany, where the training systems are aligned to the country’s economic agenda.

We have launched sufficient changes in our training and modernised equipment aligned to international standards, which will lead our students to acquire local and international competencies that will enable them to work globally and contribute in socio-economic activities of the nation. I strongly believe that later on our future alumni will prove useful to the task which may be entrusted to them.

I extend my best wishes to you to join Mutech Training Institute.


To be a centre of excellence in skills training commensurate with industry and community demands.


To provide quality, sustainable vocational education and training that is demand-driven to meet the aspirations and expectations of our stakeholders.

Core Values

Accountability-Quality Service-Integrity-Ethics-Respect-Teamwork.